UCLA's Premier Student-Run Accelerator Program
What is Startup Labs?
Startup Labs is an in-house pre-accelerator program hosted annually by UCLA’s premier entrepreneurship organization, Bruin Entrepreneurs.Our platform has already launched numerous startups to the next level, with many joining well-acclaimed accelerator programs and securing venture funding.At Startup Labs, our team selects candidates based on their ingenuity, intelligence, and willingness to strive for success. Over a twelve-week period, we help our founders grow their startups by providing them with mentorship, virtual working spaces, valuable connections, and any other resources they need. The program culminates at Startup Labs’ Demo Day, where our companies pitch to a panel of Venture Capitalists for a chance at a potential investment.Our Demo Day event has established itself as an integral part of the ‘Entrepreneurial Experience’ at UCLA, paving the path for young entrepreneurs to mold their ideas into a viable product by the end of our program.More recently, we have adapted our program to include more funding opportunities to our founders, in addition to providing introductions to VCs looking to expand their presence in the LA startup scene.
Program Details
  • Mentor-Mentee Pairings
  • Fireside Chats
  • Virtual Workshops
  • VC Introductions
  • T1 Accelerator Prep
  • UCLA Alumni Network
  • Funding Opportunities
Notable Alumni
Connecting video game players with real life awards.
Sike Insights
Utilizing cutting edge AI and psychology research to bridge the gaps between individuals on remote teams.
Developing a hyperlocalized platform on which students can purchase snacks and goods.
Building a more conducive platform for charitable actions.
Where Our Companies Go
Mentors and VCs
Akiva Bamberger
Cisco Arias
Amira Polack
Founder of Struct Club
Anthony Lai
CEO of TabBlaze
Greg Blackman
Co-founder of Media Scout
Mark Kapczynski
CMO of Gooten
Matthew Arevalo
Co-founder of Pinfinity
Reyhaneh Fathieh
Co-founder of Media Scout
Theo Lee
CEO of KPOP Foods
David Meister
18 Ventures
Thea Knobel
Type One Ventures
Sunny Singh
Tech Coast Angels
Gefen Skolnick
Contrary Capital
Anita Ilango
Contrary Capital
Startup Labs
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Built by Collin Prince
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